Hair Treatment

Come Health n Shape for Excellent Hair Loss Treatment in Preet Vihar, Delhi

There are many hair specialists in Delhi, but finding the right one according to your requirement is necessary. The clinic and doctors should be able to understand your problem and your condition make you feel safe and clear all your doubts about the procedure.

Health n Shape Clinic in Delhi is trusted by a lot of people hair loss sufferers around the world. First of all e take a detailed history right from the menarche to present day to understand some specific situation that point to the diagnosis. We at our hair loss treatment in Delhi analysis and lab tests confirm the diagnosis and depending on which a personalized treatment protocol is planned for the patient. Our doctors concentrate on the medical and non surgical treatment for people with hair loss and most of the times the natural therapies that we give are able to give excellent results in terms of controlling the hair loss in some days and improving the density in some months.

Detailed Hair Treatment Procedure

We understand that there is no single treatment for all scalp problems. We offer effective treatment for various scalp and hair problems. Our treatment begins with taking a detailed case history, hair and scalp analysis and if required certain blood tests may also be ordered to reach the right diagnosis. As per the result of diagnosis after getting the problems, you will be recommended the right treatment options depending upon the stage and type of hair loss.

Some of the types of treatment that are recommended here are mesotherapy, hair suppliments, local applications, PRP therapy, stem cell therapy, low level laser therapy, hair transplant, non surgical hair replacement. The treatment that we provide is the best as it reduces hair loss in just 3 to 7 days, and thicker hair growth 4 to 6 months, natural hair growth treatments, and all the patients are personally consulted by expert doctors.