Double Chin Removal

Double Chin Removal

Some folks as they gain weight tend to gather fat within the higher a part of the neck. it's a really usually requested for procedure and is usually additional on once doing different procedures. Even with adulthood there is a set of fat and loosening of skin within the higher a part of neck behind the chin. This shows up as what's usually named as a "Double chin".


There are 2 elements to the present deformity. It may be associate degree isolated assortment of fat alone as seen in younger people or may be thanks to lax system additionally, beside the fat deposition.


In younger people, a liposuction alone ought to be enough however older patients might need a alteration of the muscle beside a liposuction, to allow smart results. If solely liposuction is completed it's associate degree workplace procedure and is completed underneath local anesthesia.


In the case wherever muscle alteration should be done, there's alittle scar simply behind the chin within the higher neck. Post operatively, the patient is needed to wear a strap (a pressure garment). this may facilitate the skin shrink and provides the required tightness to the skin to allow a pleasant angle between the jaw and also the neck.


In choose cases liposuction and neck contouring with barbed threads will mitigate the requirement for muscle alteration during which no incision is given underneath the chin.