About Us

About Us

Health n Shape

Health n Shape is a premier orgnization in health and obesity management for people from all walks of life.. We apply strict diet and non-surgical technology avaiable in market. It had been established in 2006 with an aim to do work for the welfare of people. In starting it had been started in Preet Vihar but now it has many branches in different part of Delhi and its nearer cities. With experience this clinic is developing rapidly and now it is reputed treatment center of entire country. We began as a desire to help individuals’ health, so that they can progress in their life. We improve the quality of life standard by leading, motivation, teaching backward people. We help those people who are facing over weight, bad shape, hair fall etc. And for this purpose we use different-different treatment process. Our services offer a reasonable rate that can be a significant reason for you to choose us.

Health n shape understands that fitness with perfection play a pivotal role in overall health. A fit body with full of confidence equals one who is in good overall in the measurement of people. Along with there is a direct relationship between confidence level and stress level. Therefore, Health n Shape is working to help our clients to balance both things easily and get success to do so. When working with client’s health, we never risk any thing or for any gains. We offer numbers of services for different needs of people. The services that are provided by us are laser hair removal, spa facility, cosmetic surgery, hair transplant, anti aging treatment, skin treatment, slimming and weight loss.

Our main focus is to create hope in those people who have lost their confidence due to their any week point or diseases and we also inspire them to move on after removing their badness. Our mantra of work is to help people, improve their life by resolving their problem. And for this, we are the licensed specialist and is blessed with many certificate in the fitness and health. We at Health n Shape bring you to the next level of your life and you can overcome with your problem.

If you are facing any problem like skin whiting, hair fall, age problems, over weight, you can bring it down easily with calm stretches and relaxation for this you just come to us, we will solve your every kind of problems and be glad to help you. It is sure that you will get the solution of all problems.

Mission and values

Health n Shape's mission is to inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to every person through integrated non-clinical ,non-surgical practice. Our primary value is "The needs of the patient come first."